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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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happened the mother screamed, the male subject was watching her. >> watch kids, keep them tight, close to you. >> reporter: the woman did not resist being subdued by the passenger, she was taken into custody at the next station foggy bottom. we don't believe the woman is here at the court house yet. we understand she is in custody of metro transit police. even if they don't know who she is they will still charge her and use the name "jane doe." reporting live, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> there was confusion where to file charges, because it wasn't clear if it was virginia, dc, or under the river. they determined it is under dc jurisdiction. we have storms popping up right now on first alert doppler, chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking them. >> we have 2 areas one to the
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north, pretty heavy towards frederick and hagerstown, we are seeing much more activity tonight than last night. we will zoom in, pretty good amount of lightning around frederick, one north of therm aunt and hate of hagerstown moving generally to south and east. next 15 minutes heavy rain, not quite severe, along i-70 east of frederick, also good lightning around new market as well. you see the red is rainfall rates over an inch per hour. this storm headed towards dumask as5:21. farther south this little storm slid south of burke hammering lorten with heavy rain and it will move to the south and east across the river and head toward luplate. it has heavy rain. these storms will be with us
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another few hours and end up dissipating after the sun goes down and we will be left with a muggy night. we will come back and talk about what is in store for later tonight and also for tomorrow and the weekend weekend forecast, cold front letting you know if it stays south. baltimore is on edge this afternoon as a judge refuses to drop charges against the 6 police officers accused in the freddie gray case. we have learned that each officer will be tried separately. scott broom joins us with the details and this information is really just sort of formulating in the past hour or so. >> reporter: that's right, breaking details right now that the officers will be all tried separately, a consolation prize for them today that will make it that much harder for the prosecution in that case. today it was not a good day for the officers in court. if there was a day they had hoped to have the whole case thrown out today was that day.
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it didn't pan out that way. protesters outside the court house demanding justice for freddie gray and cautiously celebrating a judge's refusing to drop charges against 6 officers charged in freddie gray's death. >> it is a start. >> reporter: inside the court house, lawyers for the 6 accused officers accusing marilyn mosby of misconduct by holding this press conference may 1. >> the manner of death deemed homicide by a medical examiner-- >> reporter: sparked celebrations when announced charges against the officer. andrew graham calling her performance a pep rally calling for pay back, designed to turn the public against the officers and may a fair trial impossible. lawyers demanded the charges be dropped and if not mosby and the entire team should be taken off
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the case. judge william refused and sharply criticized the police lawyers for over reaching and making mind-boggling claimwise no legal grounds. >> i don't think this is a case of that. >> reporter: jay gordon is an attorney who represents protesters charged after the rioting. >> this judge is good at cutting through all the fat and geting to the meat of the case. >> reporter: doug colbert called it a good day for the justice system in baltimore. >> i have no question there will be 12 impartial jurors selected and the officers themselves have many people in our city who are fully supportive of the difficult job they do. >> reporter: okay, again to summarize the news of the day the officers will all be tried in seperal trials; however the judge refused to throw out the charges against them. bad day for the officers. next decision will happen next week on the 10th, that is when
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the judge will hear a motion to send this case to some other jurisdiction in the state. we are not sure, and he gave no indications how he might rule on that except to say he believed the baltimore jurors could put aside the hype and get down to the facts. reporting live in baltimore south broom wusa 9. >> thank you. while that was going on inside the courtroom, outside protesters returnd to the streets of baltimore. >> numbers not as big as the demonstrations earlier this summer. garrett haake is live with that part of the story for us. >> reporter: things are quinear baltimore city hall in the court house now but there is a second round of protest expected 6:30 tonight. compared to april these demonstrations were relatively small but could be a preview of what is to come as the trials move forward. >> all night!
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all day! we will fight for freddie gray! >> reporter: outside the baltimore court house this morning, a few dozen demonstrators took up a familiar refrain. >> we want justice! >> reporter: surrounded by a roughly equal number of media members called for an end for perceived police violence and for a fair trial for the 6 officers alleged to be involved. >> moved out of the city of baltimore. we want it dealt with right here. >> reporter: the demonstrator's demands are evanly split. criminal just frs the police and social just-- justice for the police and social justice for baltimore. >> it is bigger than freddie gray. we don't want no reclusion-- we want fully penalized for what they did to freddie gray. >> reporter: as the demonstrators marched through
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downtown baltimore tensions with police grew. some observers on the city streets said the confrontation that led to the march's only arrest looked contrive, out of place with an otherwise peaceful demonstration. there was one police officer who suffered minor injuries today. he will be just fine. everyone involved is hoping the second round of demonstrations at 6:30 goes much more smoothly. reporting live in downtown baltimore, garrett haake wusa 9. >> you can read more on our brand new news app, it is free and you can download it now. police just announced a massive synthetic pot bust, the biggest in city history and hoping it will have an impact on the up take in violence. live at headquarters, it was
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worth a fortune. >> reporter: it is hard to put an exact value some place between $2.3 and $4.6 million. police say if the artificial pot like this had gotten out and been smoked up, the cost in human lives and health could have been far too high. >> it is bad. >> you would never do it again? >> nope. i don't want to. >> reporter: thompson, a self described user says the effects are horrible. >> once you smoke it, you are paralyzed, can't do nothing. you aren't arguing, you can't do nothing. >> reporter: this bust was 500 pounds of synthetic dope labeled "bizzaro." they call xlr 11, almost 20 times the district's next largest seizure of the stuff. >> this is a huge, significant
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seizure and it will have a positive impact. >> reporter: police have linked synthetic drugs to incredibly violent behavior, including the brutal stabbing and beating of au grad kevin southerland earlier this summer on a metro train. they were alerted the shipment was going to the district by maryland state police and they found it in a warehouse in northwest dc and arrested 2 people. darnel thompson is not convinced what police are doing is having much an impact. >> they aren't do anything. i mean it is right here. >> reporter: federal agents have charged abaria and isa with possession with the intent to distribute. maximum of 20 years. abaria told federal agents he had been paid just $200 to
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deliver what he thought were hair products. live at dc police headquarterers, bruce johnson. >> these were not hair products. investigators found evidence at a dc warehouse a previous shipment of strawberry flavored synthetic pot got through some time ago. dc police are under prectoor do something about the-- pressure to do something about the spike of homicide, 105 this year, up nearly 44% from this time last year. tonight, expanding on the anticrime initiatives the mayor announced. police need your help finding a missing teen and her baby ashley lopez and 7 month old adrian lopez are missing. if you have any nfrg, call contact-- information, call
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montgomery police. a vigil is scheduled in an hour schools in fox lake were closed as people search for the 3 suspects in the death of the officer shot to death yesterday in the town north of chicago. estimated 100 officers--
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soliciting a teenager for sex outside a school, how he got caught, coming up at 5:30. preparing for the pope, how dc is getting ready for the visit. you could see a motorcycle with a flat bed. police tell us a motorcyclist avoiding a traffic stop causes a major accident. the neighbors tell us there is more going on with traffic and
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wild ride continues on wall street. this time, some welcome news for investors, the dow gained 293 points nasdaq up 114 and the s&p on the rebound 35 points. a motorcyclist leaving a
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traffic stop was involved in a 4 vehicle crash this morning in parkland drive that motorcyclist is in the hospital fighting for his life but neighbors near the intersection tell stephanie ramirez why they are not surprised. >> very dangerous. >> reporter: they ran outside just before 8:00 this morning after hearing this 4-vehicle crash near aspen hill road and park land drive. >> i heard the kid in the red car, screaming. >> reporter: father of the child was injured, the operator of the motorcycle rushed to the hospital. montgomery police said it happened after he tried to flee the scene. the people around here are mad. >> this is a reminder of the dangerous intersection. >> reporter: the same intersection last year a fire truck and ambulance collided sending 7 responders to the hospital. >> if you look at the
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intersection there are bushes on 3 corners which make it almost a blind intersection. >> reporter: sharon dean said speed is a huge problem. just about everyone agrees, including police. a traffic captain said the stretch of aspen hill road saw 32 collisions and 1 death last year. >> have to be more conscious of, you know, on speed. >> reporter: police tell me the driver of the maroon suv was transported for injuries. that person is expected to be okay. on aspen hill road, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> 2 other drivers declined treatment. a member of the home owner's association says they are pushing for a study at the intersection. whether you are excited to see the pope or not f you live or work in dc you will likely be
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effected. some get the option to work from home during the viz to ease the im-- visit to ease the impact of traffic and support law enforcement. this historic visit will cause road closures, security, and big crowds. >> as a commuter i am worried about traffic as anything else. >> do you drive? >> i drive and so i will have to keep an eye on what that is going to look like and maybe on that day or couple days i take metro. >> metro says they are finalizing plans but they will still have trains operating at rush hour level to help ease the congestion. >> hope francis will hold mass of the immaculate conception september 23. >> almost done, the alter's
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details match the marble column. >> it is an honor to touch something he will touch. it is an honor to put it together and use my talents. >> this is a real honor to be here. real challenge to match this marble in the building. >> numerous designs were drafted before the painters decided on the look. the alter will stay at there after the visit. i assume it is a pretty good idea the pope is not coming now because we have storms moving on in here. >> it would not do that with the pope here. of course not. we do have a couple storms, most won't see any. those that see one it will be heavy. live look outside clouds moved in still 91, though. dew points below 70. i suppose there is some solace
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we can take in that fact. humidity 43%. winds light. here is first alert doppler last hour big area of storms to the north, another off to the south and a weakening area across much of the county. north and south for now. heavy rain to the west andese of hagerstown therma, moving down 15 and this storm will move where you have already been hit with this storm around that area in dumaska heavy rain-- dumasks, heavy rain, liberty town 6:05, a 1-2 punch there. meantime, there is a little activity to the south of lutzville. it is yellow so you know it is not as heavy as the areas that have orange and the red but still heavier rains possible as it heads off to the south and east. we have been tracking a couple storms, one across the river this one just popped up in the
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last 30 minutes east of waldorf and over toward done kshg and marlboro moving outh and east, heavy rain and frequent lightning. this could move into luplatea plata. -- la plata. early thunderstorms tonight some heavy, bus stop temperatures 68-80 isolated storm or shower possible in the morning, also possible morning fog. hot with some storms on thursday. by far and away the better chance for storms friday and some of those could be heavy the atmosphere will be unstable. a cold front will be sagging down from the north. so tonight 10:00 on futurecast we have temperatures 70s still manassas 70s 74 luplatea, 6:00, maybe 69 manassas, upper 60s in
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gaithersburg rockville booy, but mainly 70s. 9:00 back to near 70. the share of showers will be to the west along i-81. on the day planner 80, that is right, 80 by 9:00, mid 80s by 11:00, our average high is only 85 right now and then 90 by 1:00. we are looking at another hot day tomorrow, low 90s not as hot friday with better chance of storms saturday looks pretty good looks like a nice week. next sev days, nice sunday, nice labor day 89, isolated shower, low 90s tuesday and wednesday of next week. who gets the final say on whether you can use your smart
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office today. kim davis is not changing her stance. they are due in court tomorrow morning. she said her position was spurred by a religious awakening after her 4th marriage. she said it is not a light issue, it is heaven or hell decision. in opportunity's consumer a-- tonight's consumer alerts, airlines will decide whether passengerwise use their mobile phones during a flight. the aviation consumer protection group approved making calls only if the technology is found to be safe and secure. in-flight cell calls but they are weighing the issue. consumer reports calls them the worst cars of 2015, chrysler 200 rates as the worst mid sized vehicle. the land rover discovery sport ranked at the bottom for poor
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handling and lexus 200 t-300 h gosh, that is a long name. >> that is long name. >> low marks for the bumpy drive. it is here, jan they must have heard you. mcdonalds is going to serve you breakfast all day long. the test period was a major hit. they will roll out the new model across the nation october 6. mcdonalds is doing it to boost sluggish sales. >> you don't have to worry if you are 2-3 minutes left. >> you can still catch it. the pollroid camera was very popular but there is an instant one that works heat act ruivated color crystals create the image, it has a selfie timer and it costs about $100. >> pretty cool. police step up to help a virginia boy who had his bike stolen at knife point. a former prowrestler charged with murder in the death
5:27 pm
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a virginia man is behind bars after being caught soliciting a child for sex. 49world ellenbobby was meeting the teenager at a local elementary school. andrea roane reports live. >> he picked a location he thought would be a safe meeting place, ironically that is how police nabbed him. >> hat is very bad. >> put him in jail. >> reporter: strong reaction to the arrest of 949-year-old ellenbobby of mcclan. last thursday night police say he went online to solicit sex with a teenager.
5:31 pm
he and 17-year-old boy agreed to meet in the parking lot of herndon elementary school. >> 17? my god. and the parking lot of the elementary school. it is the worst. i mean, gotta do better as parents. >> 17-year-old boy under parental control. it is the duty of the parents to make sure-- >> reporter: that meeting place is what led to his arrest, not a police sting operation. ophilusers were investigating a-- officers were investigating a report of trespasser on school property after hours. >> it is crazy. as parents we gotta start monitoring our kids, cell phones what they watch on tv, everything. >> it is very frightening. need to talk to the kids and make sure they listen. >> reporter: when ellenbobby arrived to meet the teenager, he was taken into custody and faces charges of soliciting a child
5:32 pm
for sex via computer, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and trespassing on school property. ellenbobby is held at the fairfax county detention center without bond. >> herndon police say it will be heard in fairfax county juvenile court to protect the victim. creepy moments for a 17-year-old that said while walking near a wooded area of savannah drive a man exposed himself and made gestures towards her. the victim describes the pervert as black man twen years old 6' 1, muscular build last seen wearing a black shirt and black shorts. an investigation is under way to the death of a baby in alexandrea police were called to the bragg towers hotel the they said the boy had medical distress. he was pronounced dead at the
5:33 pm
hospital. they are waiting on the autopsy. a teen tried to take a selfie with a gun killed himself. it happened in houston, smith was trying to take a picture of himself a with gun when the weapon fired. the uncle tried to save the teen. it was an accident. former world wrestling federation super star jimmy superfly snuka is accused of murder. the charges stem frup the death of his girlfriend in pennsylvania 30 years ago. an argument led snuka to beat nancy and he with held medical care that led to her death. prosecutors say new witnesses and a push from the victim's family led to reopening the case. words in snuka's autobiography
5:34 pm
may come back to haunt him. >> recited excerpts which he talked about frequent use of alcohol, steroids, cocaine. and "in 1993 my personal life started getting-- 1983 my life has been getting a little crazy." >> the former wrestler is 72 and in failing health. he is held in an allen town county jail. just weeks after his bike was stolen at knife point a 9-year-old virginia boy is on a roll again. moore said it was early august when a stranger pulled a knife and took his bike. police were not able to recover his stolen wheels but did the next best thing. one officer donated an older bike and other members pitched in the money to have it fixed up. >> when we took the bicycle out of the trunk it was like christmas morning he hopped on, said thank you and was gone.
5:35 pm
>> they are very nice, and kind and will help you. >> this is more than a kind gesture they say they will hope it teaches moore not to be afraid of police and maybe he will want to be an officer. >> nice gesture. important information for parents about the security of network connected baby monitors. trending now footage left on the cutting room floor of the movie "concussion," has a lot of people talking. it may be a computer asking if you would like fries with that burger. we are tracking thunderstorms on first alert doppler, you can do this with the new app. download it. it is free. the east side of frederick county getting hammered, therm aunt to mt. airy, we will come back and track storms and tell you what
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tt0w!tx#hó!!%4@-j] tt0w!tx#hó!!el@-@zl tt0w!tx#hó!!ed@-fx( tt0w!tx#hó%!)8h-&&t tt0w!tx#hó%!kzh-;i( tt0w!tx#hó%!n-h-n $ tt0w!tx#hó%!0ph-pg< tt0w!tx#hó%!s"h-@5tt0w!tx#hó%!ueh-cw, tt0w!tx#hó%!7hh-óux trending now controversy over the movie "concussion." that is the film starring will smith plays a doctor on a crusade to show the long-term damage that can be caused by repeated head injury. the new york times reports that sony softened some less than flattering content for legal reasons. a lawyer says most of the bite has been taken out of the film.
5:39 pm
the nfl said it has no higher priority than the safety oft the players. -- of the players. a judge approved $1 billion lawsuit between a former player and the nfl. also trending, fast food restaurants going viral and virtual. >> new san francisco restaurant called eatsa servers have been replaced by touch screens. you order and pay on a tablet. your food then miraculously appeared behind another screen with your name on it. >> it is a proprietary system. there are absolutely back there. really t is all about using technology to make their jobs more efficient. >> it is not alone in replacing people with touch screens. mcdonalds and panera are among others bringing it to their stores. it will not put people out of work but it will make their
5:40 pm
jobs more enjoyable and efficient. to the world of muppet romance. >> this is interesting, weeks after announcing they were splitting up i don't know how puppets do that. kermit is dating a new pink prin ses. here is his new darling denise, apparently he has a thing for pigs and said he and ms. piggy grew apart she made it a bacon-wrapped hell. liam hemsworth posted this picture that reads "spent friday with the most beautiful girl in the world." >> i wouldak te him over a frog too. she kissed a frog and got the prince. theorials celebrated, coming up, cal ripcon ripkin.
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why some say roads
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5:43 pm
cc mayor mereial brought the cabinet to the recreation center today. every department head, including the police chief was there for
5:44 pm
strategies for ecilating violence in the district. more police cameras and street lights will go up, coming up at 6:00 mayor bouseer tells bruce johnson there will be heavy emphasis on jobs and job training for young adults. a speed camera program in mare lbd is getting high marks for saving lives. if the entire country had a program like montgomery county's 21,000 fatalities would be prevented. as of this month 138 jurisdictions across the country have the same programs. chris vancleave has more. >> more than 155,000 times speeders were caught by one of the 92 speed cameras. what got the attention was what the cameras didn't see a 59% decrease in the likelihood of a driver breaking the speed limit by 10 miles an hour or more
5:45 pm
compared to nearby communities in virginia without cameras. adriane lund is the prudz of the insurance institute. >> 25 miles an hour roads where children walk to and from school that we can prevent deaths and serious injuries on those roads. >> new iihs reports credit the camera with 19% drop in the likelihood a crash would result in a serious injury. special speed camera corridors with multiple mobile cameras along the same stretch of road. county police captain didone oversees the program cutting speeding is a personal mission. his son ryan was killed in an accident, blamed on excessive speed. >> i go out to many collisions we have fatalities in and i can see the numbers have gone down. we still have collisions but people aren't dying. the fact that speeding has been reduceicide the primary factor why they are alive. nationally speed cameras
5:46 pm
have an image problem. a survey found only 42% of respondents supported use in residential areas. >> despite the great traffic safety news, and the safety paradigm motorists are skeptical about the program. >> reporter: because why? >> they think it is really about revenue in the name of traffic safety. >> chris vancleave was the reporter there. among those surveyed in maryland 62% had a positive attitude about the cameras. that is despite the fact that 2/3 of them have received at least 1 ticket. new concerns tonight over baby monitors, according to a new report by cybersecurity firm rapid 7 several top internet based monitors are left vulnerable to hackers some have hidden, unchangeable passwords that could be used to gain ses, a hacked camera could lead to
5:47 pm
strangers watching children or provide cybercrooks with access to other wi-fi devices in the home. more than half of immigrants withceived welfare benefit. this is published by usa today. the other of the report-- author of the report says it allows under educated individuals into the country to earn modest wages and use the welfare system. 51% of immigrant welfares received welfare benefits compared to 30% of native born households. when children enter the picture 76% received compared to 52% of natives. clouds rolling in, still plenty hot and humid live look outside, 91 at national, dew point under 70, humidity 43%, winds out of the west at 6. here is first alert doppler over the last hour, heaviest activity
5:48 pm
to the east side of i-270 into frederick and upper montgomery county. we have seen showers and storms down to the south and west around warranten culpeper, some have heavy rain, those of you that see a storm it will be pretty heavy moderate rain, hagerstown to thurmont, you have been hit once. light rain toward mount airy, little heavier rain. heaviest now over thurmont, over 15 moving to the south and into east about 14 miles an hour, not very fast. zoom back out these are moderate rain showers to the northwest of culpeper. you see a little bit of red which indicates heavy activity, don't see anything severe but it will roll through culpeper in the next few minutes. they are moving southeast headed towards culpeper at 6:52 expecting moderate rain. these showers are popping out along the west side of the bay
5:49 pm
hunting town, little shower, nothing crazy heavy prince frederick, little shower. these showers we tracked earlier have diminished, waldorf you should be okay, passing shower. some could be locally heavy. bus stop, 68-80 for temperatures, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. keep an isolated shower in or thunderstorm in the latter part of that. hot with thunderstorms tomorrow but less numerous, and much more activity on friday as cold front sinks out. some storms friday could be heavy once again. especially heavy downpours. 10:00 tonight on futurecast, temperatures in the 70s stormerize gone. those-- storms are gone. those areas that see showers much better chance of fog in the morning. 6:00 a.m., upper 60s gaithersburg manassas, 69 buoy, mitchellville, 74 downtown. 9:00 we are approaching 80 once again and by lunch time, couple showers popping up here and
5:50 pm
there and temperatures. 90 in leesburg, 900 dc and fredericksburg-- 90 in dc and fredericksburg. not as many as we are seeing now, generally upper 80s to 90 even 24 hours from now. tomorrow is the last super hot day. on the day planner 809:00, 8611:00 and 90 by 1:00. showers popping by lunchtime. after thursday we are back in the upper 80s friday, not as high much better chance of showers and storms, clouds could linger temperatures mid 80s and good shape for the rest of the weekend. on thursday, yes isolated storm could effect the game at the park. i think the odds are in our favor. near 90 on sunday, slight chance of shower labor day hot around 90 tuesday and wednesday. reminder our brand new wusa 9 app is ready download it, free
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for apple and android. you can track weather and traffic maps and we stream every newscast, if we are on, you can watch us. 20 years ago this week, cal ripken made baseball history last night the orioles honored 21-31 record breaking game and the iron man threw out the first pitch, one of several events for this week. september 6 1995, ripken played his 2131 straight game breaking the record by lieu garing, dianne looks back on the now retired player. >> this is the greatest in baseball history the night cal
5:52 pm
ripken junior played more games in a row than anyone ever had. if you are a baseball fan particularly of the orioles you know exactly where you were september 6 1995. ripken said even today, 20 years later, it is a very clear memory for him. >> i was running around the ball park you had 50,000 people screaming and yelling for you. i had a chance to shake a lot of people's hands and do the special lap around. in that way it seemed just like it was yesterday. >> you don't have to be a baseball player to appreciate what he did. during 18-year career he was named rookie of the year, most valuable player, selected to 19 all star games and won a world series with the birds. the now 55-year-old is able to add time and perspective to breaking lou's streak. >> we get older faster, the clock ticks faster as you get there. i am thankful i had a career where i could play a game for a
5:53 pm
living. >> he ended 2632 games 1998 when he took himself out of the game. >> we apparently will see the end of the ripken streak. the nationals look to avoid getting swept in st. louis after another blown lead it is matt williams job on the line. coming up 6:00, a maryland senator's announcement all but secures president obama's historic nuclear deal with iran. a possible reprieve for federal workers looking to avoid the grid lock expected during pope francis's visit to washington. why british researchers say people who smoke and use e-cigarettes are
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but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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british researchers say they have reassuring news for smokers trying to kick the habit. >> tina kraus reports electronic cigarettes appear to be helping. >> olivia flocky is trying to quit smoking once and for all. she tried to quit but started up again and now turning to electronic cigarettes for help. >> i am buying it to stop smoking cigarettes and get back lifestyle. >> a new british study finds smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes significantly lessen exposure to toxins eefshen after smoking time to time. >> these people are getting nicotine from a different source so they smoke less. >> professor peter helped lead the study giving e-cigarettes to 40 smokers who wanted to quit.
5:58 pm
over 4 weeks they tested exposure to carbon monoxide and what is in e-cigarettes. they cut their exposure up to 80% and even those who were dual users reduced exposure up to 60%. >> certainly the message to people who are both vapeing and smoking would be stop smoking when they can. >> researchers say even the road to quitting has some health benefits. tina kraus cbs news, london. >> a health watch dog group in california released a report warning about the dangers of e-cigarettes. tests on nearly 100 show many have cancer causers. president obama secures enough votes to implement his historic nuclear deal with iran.
5:59 pm
republicans say we are still going to oppose it. the pope is making his way to the district, whether you are driving, walking own a nearby business, this will affect you. i am debra alfarone with what you need to know. officers charged in the death for freddie gray. >> president obama now has enough support to insure his nuclear deal with iran will likely be implemented. republicans in congress promised to block it but it appears they don't have the votes. mandrylaat senor mcalsky sealed the deal, 34th democrat senator meaning republicans done have the votes to stop it. no deal is perfect she said but it is the best option for blocking iran from a nuclear bomb. >> we are telling iran it can't
6:00 pm
have a nuclear weapon. period. >> just minutes after getting mcalsky's support john kerry who negotiateed the grument said it holds i-- agreement said it holds iran accountable and he is trying to reassure lawmakers pledging to defend israel and the middle east. republicans are not convinced. john boehner said they may have convinced enough to back an agreement that trusts the regime to self inspect and offers amnesty to terrorists but it is far from implemented. congress's options appear limited. president obama could veto any resolution of disapproval and the democrats say they have enough votes to sustain that veto. if more democrats sign on, the administration might be able to must


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